Road Smoothing Project of Local City Municipal

SINTRONES Technology has launched an unprecedented application with its In-Vehicle Computer to the famous ‘Road Smoothing Project’. By installing its VBOX-3200 Computer in an engineering truck for automatic detecting, video taking, coordinates positioning and data transmitting that greatly improves the efficiency and performance of Public Road Maintenance.

The traditional way that the Public Works Department of City Municipal has been working for road maintenance is dispatching engineering trucks to patrol and search the locations where the road maintenance is required, They take pictures manually and then bring all information back to data center for further study and action.

Now with the truck equipped with the SINTRONES innovative VBOX-3200 In-Vehicle Computer, the operation time can be reduced considerably. The system can detect the road condition and to take video automatically when reaching section of the damaged road. In addition, the positioning of the coordinate can be conducted via GPS and then all the information shall be real time transmitted to data center via a 3G networking system, follow up with a permission that speedy action can be taken by the Public Works Department of city municipal.