SINTRONES Awarded Patent for In-Vehicle Computing Technology

SINTRONES, an in-vehicle computing system company has been awarded a patent for built-in battery for in-vehicle computing. This innovated technology provides users with better experience and more flexibility. As technology progressing, consumers now expect higher satisfaction on their driving experience to be fulfilled with car computing, and power supply has been a critical issue to support the car computing system. The patent awarded to SINTRONES is a solution to the challenge. It includes one set of in-vehicle computing with PCB, battery cub, built-in battery. Users can choose internal or external power supply for in-vehicle computing based on different situation, and save external space with built-in battery as well. When the external power supply loses power or stability, the built-in battery can take over and provide power for the car computing devices. This also improves sustainability, safety and convenience for customers.

With this built-in battery for in-vehicle computing, customers can benefit from sustainability. It allows car computers to process unsent messages and signals as well as at least 10 to 15 minutes of image recording and shut down properly under the circumstances of a sudden stall or other accidents. With this buffer the system can perform function sustainably without sudden interruption or disconnection. The built-in battery greatly increases the stability and credibility of in-vehicle computing system.

Increasing safety is another advantage for this new technology. When a problem of the auto battery occurs, the in-vehicle computing system will be able to remain functioning by leveraging SINTRONES awarded patent - built-in battery, the computing system can save data and shut down properly without damaging OS. UPS is integrated inside to save space and in the case of detecting a low auto battery, the system will automatically alter to UPS mode and stop consuming battery power so the car can start normally to ensure smooth functioning.

We are delighted to have received the award of this patent as a contribution toward effective in-vehicle computing systems to manage the challenge of power supply; it recognizes and singles out SINTRONES’s innovative role in the market. Our close relationship with clients and our innovation make it possible to develop better in-vehicle computing systems and solution that can be used worldwide.