SINTRONES Announces the Launch of SBOX-2600 Series Fanless Embedded Box PC with 4th Gen Intel® Haswell ULT Processor

SINTRONES, one of the world's leading manufacturers of in-vehicle and embedded computing, is pleased to announce the new SBOX-2600 Series products (SBOX-2620, SBOX-2610, SBOX-2600). This innovative design of SBOX-2600 Series is an ultra slim embedded box system with the new 4th Generation Intel® Celeron® 2980U up to Core i7 4650U which helps to reduce power consumption with space efficiency. The new 4th Generation Intel® Celeron® 2980U greatly enhances the value of SBOX-2600 Series with a cost effective and higher performance when compared with Atom E3845. It also provides to support 4K2K resolution display and optional RAID 0, 1, 5 for storage solutions.

The new fanless box system is capable of noiseless and reliable operation and offers outstanding performance with a wide range of operating temperature. This allows the system to withstand extreme working conditions and harsh environment within -30~60°C. Other than the wide range temperature endurance, the new SBOX-2600 Series is also designed with DC 9-32V Power Input to avoid damage of electric components caused by incorrect charging current and thus ensures OCP (Over Current Protection), OVP (Over Voltage Protection) as well as Reverse Polarity Protection. This feature enhances the security level and helps the embedded box PC to meet various needs of applications.

With the prevalence of technology in our daily life, the SBOX-2600 Series is perfectly suited for industrial controllers, panel systems and industrial automation. In views of its powerful performance, dual display output and compact size, the SBOX-2600 Series is also the ideal choice for digital signage and interactive kiosks.

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