SINTRONES Launches New In-vehicle Computer VBOX-3610 with Intel® Gen 5 Core i7-5650U CPU and HD 6000 GPU On-Board

SINTRONES, has been proactively developing and launching in-vehicle computing revolution solutions and products based on mobile communication concepts, with the aim of generating higher performance and new customer value.

SINTRONES recently announced the new product VBOX-3610 with Intel Gen 5 Core i7-5650U CPU with HD 6000 GPU On-Board Computer.

The new VBOX-3610 can be broadly applied to digital signage, infotainment, mobile communication and navigation for commercial and municipal vehicles from buses to taxis, police cars and beyond. It’s high performance and well optimized for multiple usages can bring customer value to achieve their goals. VBOX-3610 supports wireless LTE, 3.5G with SIM Card, WLAN, GPS dead reckoning, GSM/GPRS, BT and also supports dual hot swappable SATA Storage. Well-tuned computing systems can provide information that users need and indirectly lead to better travel experiences or they can optimize the transportation operations real-time.

VBOX-3610 is one of the best in-vehicle system for all kinds of industrial use under various circumstances. The wide vehicle power input supports voltages from 9V -36V DC Power Input with vehicle power ignition control and automatics recovery short circuit protection.

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