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Autonomous Driving

The trend of autonomous driving has affected earth-shaking changes in the automotive market. Autonomous driving (Autonomous Vehicles, Self-Driving Cars, Autonomous Driving Solutions, or Electric Cars) are capable of sensing the environment and navigating without human input. Environment sensors are the components that allow autonomous vehicles to take in raw information about the environment. In order to analyze and understand the surroundings, environment sensors must be supported by high performance machine vision technology and intelligent hardware.

To adapt to the new era in transportation heralded in by electric vehicles (EV), there are a large number of new types of intelligent applications that continue to drive the development of in-vehicle computing technology. The traditional "On-board Unit" (OBU) has been expanded to a more diversified "Road-side Unit" (RSU) product segment, especially for the active improvement of safety in self-driving systems. The diversified integration of intelligent poles and intelligent traffic signs also brings new business opportunities for RSUs of in-vehicle computers. Sintrones has been able to glimpse a future city framework built of new intelligent transportation systems, including "Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, smart poles, smart signage systems, and roadside intelligent video analytics," each application requiring the investment of resources to build customized corresponding special functions.

Autonomous Driving

Certified AI Computing Systems Enable Autonomous Driving

Sintrones' in-vehicle computer provides a complete solution for increasingly diverse intelligent transportation applications, including monitoring commercial driving behaviors and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in vehicles such as police cars, fire engines, school buses, trains, ships, etc. It has a high degree of flexibility, supports a wide range of peripheral devices and network connections, and is adaptable to various vehicle management systems, such as those used in the user scenarios of fleet management, vehicle maintenance systems, and self-driving computers. Sintrones has specially built a variety of software initialization functions in advance to help customers quickly set up the software to complete a combination of various functions.

Furthermore, thanks to its flexible designs such as fan-less heat dissipation and unique wide temperature, Sintrones is currently one of the very few in the industry that can provide in-vehicle computers supporting 200W high-end GPU cards. It has successfully entered the application field of high-end autonomous vehicles. The test of an uncrewed self-driving bus in cooperation with a renowned French self-driving vehicle company is continuing certification for system operation. In addition, more and more public transportation requires actual measurement of fail recovery and emergency backup, and simultaneous potential business opportunities will contribute to the stable profitability of Sintrones's operations.