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Fleet Management

Fleet management is a process to manage all fleet and asset information, enabling fleet companies to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure the fleet safety on the road.

Vehicle telematics, a hybrid of technologies that combine the ability for "telecommunication" and "information processing", is playing a key role in current fleet management market. Fleet telematics devices collect and process data via broadband wireless networks for real-time vehicle insights for location tracking, service and maintenance of fleet vehicles.

SINTRON Vehicle Computer System offers full blown features to fulfill fleet management tasks. Equipped with GPS and wireless communications, SINTRON Vehicle PC allows fleet dispatch centers to arrange the best routes in real time, minimizing fleet driving time and mileage. Readings of engine speed, brake condition, or fuel consumption by using CAN bus and optional OBDII help fleet managers to identify irregularities and schedule preventive maintenance. More powerful yet low power consuming CPUs makes the Telematics able to handle multiple functions in a compact and fanless system. With all these advanced features, vehicles can be monitored and managed in real time and overall fleet management cost is reduced at the same time.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management Feature

Design for Wide Range DC Input +9~36V

Power Ignition / Power Management

Delay Time On/Off

IEC 60945, EN50155 and EMark Certificate

Isolated for Power, Serial & I/O Port

Wireless Communication Technology

Battery Backup Solution