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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers are often searching for vehicles that have been reported stolen, are suspected of being involved in criminal or terrorist activities, are owned by persons who are wanted by authorities, have failed to pay parking violations or maintain current vehicle license registration, and any of a number of other factors. Law enforcement agencies throughout the nation are increasingly adopting automated license plate recognition (ALPR) technologies, which function to automatically capture an image of the vehicle’s license plate, transform that image into alphanumeric characters, compare the plate number acquired to one or more databases of vehicles of interest, and alert the officer when a vehicle of interest has been observed, all within a matter of seconds.

Sintron Technology offers state of the art rugged high performance mobile computing hardware platforms specially designed for Automatic License Plate Recognition, mobile video surveillance and Video Analytics solutions for Government, and Commercial applications.

Sintron mobile computing platforms are the perfect answers for our customers to enhance Law Enforcement, Security, Parking, and Access Control systems.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Feature

Design for Wide Range DC Input +9~36V

Power Ignition / Power Management

Delay Time On/Off

IEC 60945, EN50155 and EMark Certificate

Isolated for Power, Serial & I/O Port

Wireless Communication Technology

Battery Backup Solution

Law Enforcement