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Edge AI GPU Computing

Edge computing is the technology of making computation and data storage more accessible to users. It runs on local devices such as a computer, an Internet of Things (IoT) device, or a dedicated edge server. Unlike the cloud, it is unaffected by latency and bandwidth issues that can hinder performance.

Edge AI is the combination of edge computing and AI, it runs AI algorithms on a local device that has edge computing capacity. Since edge AI does not require systems to connect to others, it allows users to process data in real-time.

Edge AI GPU Computing

At present, most AI processes are carried out over cloud-based centers that need substantial computing capacity and are prone to downtime. Edge AI makes these processes part of an edge computing device’s workflow, allowing users to collect the data first before it gets sent to a different location.

Sintron Edge AI GPU Computing products have the ability to process deep learning operations and support end-to-end deep learning solutions. They assist Edge Computing and AI Computer systems in connecting data source from Cloud/ Data Centers, detecting objects, performing basic classification, and alerting administration. They feature not only real-time data processing, but also data caching, buffering and optimization. In addition, they support in accelerating Machine to Machine communication, which allows machines, sensors, and controllers to communicate by registering and tracking material any time.

This powerful Edge AI GPU Computing platform is implemented in computer vision, machine learning, industrial automation, autonomous vehicles, sustainable energy engineering and many other solutions that require significant computing power and still maintain a substantial level of mobility.

Edge AI GPU Computing Labeled Explanation

Edge AI GPU Computing