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Smart Agriculture

Smart agriculture refers to the use of advanced technologies and innovative solutions, combined with the Internet of Things (IoT), extensive data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and other related technologies, to improve the efficiency, quality, and sustainability of agricultural production a mode of agriculture. Smart agriculture uses sensors and equipment to collect and monitor data such as soil moisture, temperature, light, and air quality. It transmits the data to the cloud platform through wireless communication for analysis and processing. Farmers can use mobile phone applications or computer monitoring systems to understand the status of farmland in real-time to precisely adjust irrigation, fertilization, pest control, etc., improve crop yield and quality, and reduce waste and environmental impact.

Smart Agriculture

Astute animal husbandry uses advanced technology and digital solutions to apply the Internet of Things, extensive data analysis, and artificial intelligence to animal husbandry’s management and production process. Through sensors and monitoring equipment, data such as environmental conditions, animal behavior, and the health status of livestock farms can be monitored in real-time. These data can be transmitted to the cloud platform through wireless communication for analysis, helping farmers review and improve animal husbandry management strategies, including feed supply, disease prevention and treatment, and breeding management. Astute animal husbandry can also provide accurate animal husbandry data and health monitoring to help farmers make more informed decisions and improve the efficiency and sustainability of animal husbandry.

Smart agriculture and innovative livestock aim to harness the power of technology and data to increase the productivity, efficiency, and sustainability of agriculture and livestock while reducing costs, waste, and environmental impact. These innovative solutions can change traditional farming and livestock operations, making them more innovative, efficient, and sustainable.

Smart Agriculture Feature

Intelligent Machinery and Automation Equipment

Biosensing Technology

Image Recognition Technology

Cloud Platform and Expert System

Data Sharing and Cooperation Platform

AI and Machine Learning

Application of Blockchain Technology