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Military Computer

The name "military computer" is referring to the computers designed and manufactured based on purpose of military usage. Military computers are built to operate under the most extreme field environments where is much more challenging than the fields of general industrial applications. For instance high/low temperatures in the desert, harsh battlefield, and heavy shock/vibration tactical combat vehicles. In other words, to be called "military grade", a computer must meet these stringent standards: sand-proof, extended temperature proof, drop, IP65/IP67 water, dust even underwater pressure proof.

Military Standards differ from government to government (also known as MIL-STD), to ensure products meet specific requirements for various defense-related purposes. Mil-Std 810 standard is the most common one. Mil-Std 810 standard was set forth by the U.S. government since 1983, and specifies test criteria for a broad range of environmental conditions. For rugged computing hardware, the most recent MIL-STD 810F/ 810G standard define how computer systems should be able to operate reliably in the environments with mechanical shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, sand and dust exposure etc.

Sintron Technology offers rugged computer platform ODM design and manufacturing services, commits to deliver computing hardware that meets MIL-STD 810 standard, and is able to arrange various communication interfaces according to custom requirements.

Military Computer

Military Computer Feature

Design for Wide Range DC Input +9~36V

Fanless Design

Longevity Product Life Cycle

Multi Display

Wide Temperature

Ruggedized MIL-810G Certificate