ETA Transit: Cloud-hosted ITS - SPOT
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ETA Transit
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19 November, 2021
Growth Solution

ETA Transit: Cloud-hosted ITS - SPOT™

ETA's cloud-hosted ITS find the intersection of transit technology innovation and cost-efficient performance.

Why choose a cloud-hosted ITS?

SPOT™ is Different

The whole of the SPOT™ ITS is spread across the nation in strategically placed servers, which improves the communication speed to our transit customers and delivers 99.99% uptime.

Out-of-the-box, our cloud-hosted SPOT™ intelligent transit system (ITS) creates a sustainable foundation for transit operations. Packed with essential tools and capabilities, our ITS solution provides an immediate boost and sets the table for simplified expansion and customization for the future.

Escape the trap of legacy transit solutions

SPOT™ frees transit agencies from the costly paradigm of proprietary hardware, expensive maintenance, slow product development, and poor customer service. SPOT™ can be run from any Internet browser, and the onboard hardware we install is commercially available (COTS)—which improves reliability, reduces cost, and minimizes supply chain concerns. If the hardware isn’t reliable, then the performance of the ITS system suffers.

Which is why for over 10 years, ETA has standardized its hardware on the Sintrones® VBox, an incredibly robust onboard COTS computer that powers vehicle equipment and negotiates the flow of data to SPOT’s cloud servers. With Sintrones® under the hood, the stability of the SPOT™ system is never in question. ETA Transit makes it easy to switch without incurring substantial costs in the process.

Plan, operate, and analyze

Real-time information and system management

Use the powerful route manager delivers intuitive, drag-and-drop route creation, import, export, and manage GTFS, and more

Simplify reporting and analysis with powerful business intelligence options

Maintain complete operational awareness with automatic vehicle tracking

Collect critical transit data

Reduce long-term cost of ownership

Inform riders with real-time tracking websites and smartphone apps

Expand and integrate with 3rd party systems

Modular system design

A right-size transit solution

The SPOT™ intelligent transit system embraces a modular system architecture, which provides an incredible amount of customization. Transit agencies can fine-tune their deployment to include only those features they want.

The modular design allows the SPOT™ platform to scale to suit any size of a transit agency. Operations with just a few vehicles will realize a quantum leap in capabilities. At the same time, large agencies can save upwards of 60 percent in deployment costs yet not sacrifice anything regarding features or performance.

(This article first appeared in the Bus-News magazine Issue 1, October 2021)